PersonalBarcelona Lynx, company with a long experience in the Spanish market, is specialized in providing services in the field of investment, real estate operations and tourism.

Focused on a personalized caring of our customers’ tastes and needs. For the last years, Spain has become one of the main areas of investment and holiday destination for Russian people and those who come from what was the Soviet area. That is why our company decided to shift part of its activities to those fields. The scope of Barcelona Lynx activities covers the north-eastern of Spain and Catalonia. Specialized mainly in the city of Barcelona, ​​and the famous resorts of The Costa Brava -Lloret- or The Costa Dorada -Salou-.



Specialized team with extensive experience in the Spanish Market.

Personalized Service

Lynx offers a personalized attention to its customers in order to satisfy their tastes and needs.


Lynx also offers investment services, buying-selling real estate and tourism.


Composed by Russian and Spanish professionals with Proficiency Level in both languages and wide knowledge of each country.


Fletxa_lynx Russian professionals with Proficiency Level.

Professionals with knowledge of the Russian Society and its language to establish close relationships with the potencial market.

Fletxa_lynx Professionals with Proficiency Level in Catalan and Spanish.

Professionals in Communication with Proficiency Level in Catalan and Spanish which allow them to establish close relationships in the territory.

Fletxa_lynx Economists and Business People.

Professional advisors with value and potential to capture the best investments.

Fletxa_lynx Legal and Accounting Experts.

Professional advisors who guide all processes required in the purchase/maintenance management and legal level.